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30-30 Ministries

Oct 16, 2019

For the 2019 Georgia youth firearms season, 30-30 Ministries celebrated Year No. 5 with our partners at Hawhammock Baptist Church
Our four boys and one girl collected three deer. As is so often the case, our girl came out on top, collecting two of the three deer.
Join us as we talk to 13-year-old deer-hunting...

Oct 7, 2019

We met Lea Shaw, 14 at the time, at our 30-30 Ministries' Deer Camp in Oglethorpe County. At that first Camp, she was a sponge, listening to the Gospel and hearing testimonies. At that Camp, God revealed to her that she needed a relationship with Jesus. 

Two months later, at our 30-30 Ministries' Rabbit Camp...